SNAKE - 6th Animal Sign of Chinese Astrology

The Character of the Snake

The Snake is the sixth animal in the cycle of the twelve and corresponds to the Earthly Branch Szu. Szu hours are between 9 and 11 o’clock, and belongs to the fourth month, a time of activity, growth and development. The Snake represents kindness, intelligence and wisdom, and those born in this year also have these characteristics.

You are sensitive, amenable, attractive and decisive. You are able to make trusting and long-term friendship. Your ideas are original and well thought out and your actions are planned carefully beforehand. You will be successful because you never abandon your goals until they are achieved or your work until it is finished. You are confident and sensible and a good judge of situations and people. You enjoy debate and investigation and dislike wasting time on idle chatter. Once you have set your mind on something you will complete it no matter how many difficulties you face; at the same time you will rarely lose patience with others.

You will never be short of money or good luck, but your desire for money and property can make you selfish, moody and proud. Although you have a protective and caring side to your character, once you have been offended you will always take revenge.

You jealously guard the things or the people who are close to you. Even if you have affairs outside marriage, you still cling on to your relationship with your husband/wife and make every effort to keep him/her in your control.

A man born in this year is humorous, romantic and very attractive to woman. A woman born in this year is irresistible to men and is usually the center of attention at a party. Men and women born in this year are drawn to affairs outside married life. If you want a happy marriage, concentrate on domestic affairs; do not let yourself be drawn away by outside interests.

Someone born in the year of the Ox will be a good marriage or business partner. The hard-working Ox person will tolerate your selfishness and will accept family responsibility. A marriage with someone born in the year of the Cock will be successful if you learn to cooperate with each other. Someone born in the year of the Rat, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Horse or the Ram will make a suitable partner. Avoid choosing someone born in the year of the Tiger, the Monkey or the Pig. The Pig will make a particularly bad partner; the Chinese say that the Pig will fall into the Snake’s trap. Your relationship will be full of disagreements over major and minor matters.

You are suited to a career as a philosopher, politician, lawyer, psychologist, teacher, entrepreneur, restaurateur or adviser on public relations or foreign affairs.


Like the Snake, you are cool, quiet and reserved.


However hard you work in your youth, you will never be able to save money. You will be helped by someone in an influential position and your fortune will improve in middle age. In old age you will be respected and wealthy.


You will be fortunate because you have good self-control and can understand situations clearly and logically.


You are a quiet person and enjoy thinking and reading. You are suited to work related to astrology.

Social life

You do not want an active social life. You dislike parties and prefer peaceful evenings at home.


Choose a business that suits your qualifications and your environment. You will be slow to start a business and you may lose money at first, but persevere because you will eventually be wealthy and famous.


You do not take romance seriously. Try to be more constant.


You will follow your family’s advice when choosing a partner. You are likely to meet your husband or wife through friends or family.


Because of your reserved nature you rarely discuss your problems with your family and do not want to accept their help.

Brothers and sisters

You find it difficult to discuss your personal life with your brothers and sisters and they unable to help you.


You care deeply for your children. You are willing to sacrifice yourself for their needs and take responsibility for their mistakes.


Your clarity of vision helps you make wise decisions. When you are young you will own property and land.


You are unable to relax; even when you are on holiday you are making plans for the future.


You have nervous problems because you spend so much time thinking about your life and future.


Your confidence and good judgement will help you deal successfully with investments.


You have the necessary patience and power of concentration to acquire new skills.


If you are willing to invest your money, you will reap good profits in short-term investment.


Your hopes for a wealthy life will be realized.


Do not be greedy and you will rarely be involved in law suits. If you are involved in a law suit you will usually win.

Lost property

You have a good memory and will have no difficulty retrieving lost property.

Your Luck According to Your Year of Birth in Chinese Astrology

1929, 1989 of Chinese Astrology

In Chinese Astrology, if you born in the year of Chi Szu, you belong to the Prosperous Snake.According to Chinese Astrology, you are active and fortunate. Chinese Astrology also said that, you will be well known and wealthy; whatever you do will work out successfully. A woman born in either of these years in Chinese Astrology will be kind and caring, but she will not be as wealthy as a man born in these years.

1941, 2001 of Chinese Astrology

In Chinese Astrology, if you born in the year of Hsin Szu, you belong to the Snake Sleeping in the Winter. Chinese Astrology sign that, you are thrifty, ambitious and changeable. Chinese Astrology also predict, you will helped by an official in a position of authority and will always be prosperous. The Chinese Astrology predict, a man born in either of these years should marry an older woman.

1953, 2013 of Chinese Astrology

In Chinese Astrology, if you born in the year of Kuei Szu, you belong to the Snake on the Grass.The Chinese Astrology predict, you are clever and active. Chinese Astrology also said that, you will be unable to accumulate savings in your youth but will be helped by someone in a position of authority. Chinese Astrology indicte that, you will be financially secure in your old age. A woman born in either of these years of Chinese Astrology will quarrel with her family in her youth but will be steady and hardworking after marriage.

1905, 1965 of Chinese Astrology

In Chinese Astrology, if you born in the year of Yi Szu, you belong to the Snake Coming out the Hole.According to Chinese Astrology, you are honest and popular. In Chinese Astrology, you will rarely be praised, no matter how kind, generous and heroic you are. Have children late in life; you will argue less with them. Chinese Astrology indicate that a woman born in either of these years will be well known and wealthy.

1917, 1977 of Chinese Astrology

In Chinese Astrology, if you born in the year of Ting Szu, you belong to the Snake in the Fish Pond.The Chinese Astrology said, you have an obstinate character, but a wealthy official will help you. In Chinese Astrology, an eldest son born in this year will have a lucky life, full of honors and riches.

Based on Kwok Man – Ho book

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